KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 2 — Malaysian wushu exponents received a huge motivation ahead of the 30th Philippines SEA Games in November after winning three gold and three silver medals at the 2019 World Martial Arts Masterships in Chungju, South Korea yesterday.

Pang Pui Yee was the best Malaysian athlete, securing three medals — gold in women’s Changquan event and one silver each in women’s Jianshu and women’s Baguazhang events.

2017 World Championships triple medallist Tan Cheong Min also put up a commendable performance by winning gold in women’s Nando while another gold came through Chuah Shangyang in men’s Xingyiquan, according to the official tournament website;www.chungju2019.com.

Clement Ting Su Wei clinched the silver in men’s Daoshu.

Various martial arts categories are being contested in the tournament which runs from Aug 29 until Sept 6. They include taekwondo, judo, muaythai, savate, belt wrestling, sambo, ju-jitsu, aikido, kurash, kabaddi, pencak silat and several South Korean traditional martial arts, including Tong-Il Moo-Do, Yongmudo, Korean Hapkido and Ssireum (Korean wrestling).



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