PETALING JAYA: The trade war between China and the United States, which has attracted global attention, is a war of no winners, says China’s ambassador to Malaysia Bai Tian. He said the tension was started by a ‘certain country’ by building walls of tariff, between openness and isolation, inclusiveness and exclusiveness and between win-win cooperation and a zero sum game. ‘It’s a war with no winner and all losers. There is a ray of hope as leaders of China and the United States have reached some positive understanding at the G20 summit. ‘We wish the US side would live up to its words and meet halfway with the Chinese side.

‘We wish for a mutually beneficial solution through dialogue and discussion that will, in turn, benefit the global market with confidence and vitality,’ he said, adding that steady and sound China-US relations were in accordance with the interests of both countries and the world. Bai Tian said this in his keynote address during the Malaysia-China Outlook Forum 2019 organised by Star Media Group. He added that there is great potential and prospects for cooperation between China and Malaysia on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) framework. Noting that the Malaysian government is committed to achieving economic transformation and growth, Bai Tian said the high quality production capacity, abundant funds, advanced technology and experiences from China could be what Malaysia may need. ‘We welcome Malaysia’s participation in the BRI cooperation in a deeper and more comprehensive manner so as to fully utilise the geographical advantage,’ he said. 

 (Source : The Star Online)


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