SUBANG JAYA, Sept 24 — National carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd has unveiled a new logo and tagline “Inspiring Connections” to refresh its branding and outline its ambition to be a global and modern automotive brand.

Chief executive officer Dr Li Chunrong said the new logo will be first used on the upcoming X70 completely-knocked-down model and followed by future launches.

He said all the company’s outlets would also incorporate the new logo gradually,

“We will gradually change all the centres with the new logo and expect it to be completed in two years,” he told a media briefing on the company’s business plan after embarking on a transformational journey more than a year ago, here today.

Li said the new branding is driven by three core values — innovative technology, reliability and international — in line with Proton’s ambition to become a truly global brand and one of the top three automotive manufacturers in ASEAN.

“To achieve this ambition, Proton is adopting a global view to succeed as a modern automotive manufacturer in-step with global development trends,” he said.

He said Proton would work with global partners, leverage the strength of its world-class supply chain, attract global talent and adopt global technology to become a competitive global automotive brand.

“Our new ethos comprises our core values of always using innovative technology, our commitment to reliability and adopting an international point of view,” he said.

Chairman Datuk Seri Syed Faisal Albar Syed Ali Rethza Albar said the new logo marked a new chapter in the automotive company’s journey.

“The modern automotive industry, like many other industries today, must adopt a global and international mindset.

“Proton will continue making the best cars that meet Malaysian needs, (will) make no mistake, but we will do this as a globally-competitive company,” he said.

On overseas expansion, Syed Faisal Albar said the company is studying other markets carefully before entering them.

“We are studying not only in terms of (whether) our product is (an) acceptable buy but also whether the country’s automotive policy fits our strategy.

“It (overseas expansion) is not only about selling cars but also creating presence,” he said.

On hybrid and energy-efficient vehicle (EEV), Li said the company’s venture into the hybrid and EEV space would depend on the policy introduced by the government.

“Based on the policy we will respond,” he said.

Proton’s new logo features a new “uncaged” design with the head of the tiger held high, symbolising Proton like an arrow-head and moving forward to success.



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