KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 25 – Some telecommunication players (telcos) are still wary of the 5G phenomenon and industry regulator, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), is urging them to change their mindset.

Chairman Al-Ishsal Ishak said they (telcos) cannot look at the future using a set of old rules and must lead this shift.

In giving an example, he said when the Internet came into being around 1995 to 1996, the discussions back then, was similar to what it is now.

“Industry players then were saying it was too early and why do we have to be the first. Meanwhile, Microsoft, in 1996, announced it would embrace the Internet.

“My point is that we have a huge potential, but the change in mindset has to begin now. Operators must lead this change because policies can be adjusted later on,” he told a panel discussion titled,”The Right Stuff: Infrastructure for a Digital Future”, here today.

Another panellist, Time Dotcom chief executive officer (CEO), Afzal Abdul Rahim said the MCMC and local regulators had been very generous in allowing industry players to have a very “explorative sandbox” when it came to 5G and how it could be used.

However, he believed the 5G phenomenon was just a battle for spectrum.

“I think we are getting caught up a little too much in the hype. From a technical standard, 5G is trying to deliver what 4G should have and 3G never did.

“Spectrum-wise, I think everyone has enough to make do for the moment,” Afzal added.

The panel session, which also included Robi Axiata Ltd CEO Mahtab Uddin Ahmed and Boston Consulting Group global head of technology, media and telecommunications, Vaishali Rastogi, was moderated by edotco group CEO, Suresh Sidhu.



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