KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called on the younger generation to acquire knowledge on finance and business as much as possible in facing the economy in the next five years.

Dr Mahathir, who was responding to a question posted by Instagram user with the handle ‘nasmi.akabar’, said such knowledge would prepare themselves to handle and manage businesses better.

The 94-year-old premier also took the opportunity to entertain questions from other Instagram users in a live chat session that was later compiled in a two-minute and 45 seconds video and uploaded on his Youtube account today.

To a question on how he handled negativity throughout his years of leadership, he told user ‘azzm.azmn’ that he had to be very disciplined, besides reminding himself that it was not good to do certain things such as overeating or indulging in wrong pleasures.

To another question by ‘hazeeq.z’ on how to stay motivated in studies, Dr Mahathir replied: “ The first thing (to be understood) is that studies are important for our own good as only then we obtain knowledge, and knowledge will be very helpful to us in life.

“We also have to instil noble values in ourselves such as hard work and honesty to be successful in all our efforts,” he said.

Asked by ‘zuhaiuli_13’ on how to go on to be a leader like himself (Dr Mahathir), the prime minister said a leader must be able to face challenges, have the ability and the acumen to resolve problems and garner strong support and loyalty of the people.

User ‘zakiamir’, meanwhile, asked Dr Mahathir what would be his main areas of focus in order for him to retire peacefully.  

To this, the prime minister said he hoped to find as many solutions as possible to the problems currently faced by the nation and to resolve them to the best of his ability.



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