KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — The setting up of the National 5G Task Force in November last year was among the government’s initiatives as preparation in heading towards the 5G technology era.

According to the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (MCMM), the setting up of the team was an engagement effort in making recommendations and strategies for the implementation of the 5G technology in Malaysia including from the aspect of security.

In a written answer which was displayed on the Parliament website today, MCMM said the task force comprised government and private sector representatives such as the supply side, namely, licence holders under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, manufacturers and distributors of equipment.

In addition, it also had the demand side, namely, other manufacturing industries, researches, development and trade, ministries, government departments and agencies and academicians, consultants, non-government bodies and others.

‘’Through the National 5G Task Force, National Cyber Security Agency atau NACSA, with the co-operation of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and network providers, were identifying the risks and security issues which might crop up and steps that have to be taken to tackle them,’’ he said.

The written answer was in response to a question from Ahmad Fadhli Shaari (PAS-Pasir Mas) who wanted to know the preparation of the ministry in facing the security issue which might crop up in the process of implementing the 5G technology in Malaysia.

According to MCMM, the recommendations would be raised in the National 5G Task Force report which was expected to be tabled by the end of 2019 for the consideration of the government which would encompass the utilisation of the international safety standard, improving the industrial engineering codes, and security evaluation for 5G products and solutions from technology providers.

MCMM explained that the steps taken were among the preparations to manage and tackle risks and security issues which might crop up in the implementation of the 5G technology in the country.

In addition, the ministry announced that MCMC had co-operated with the Malaysian Technical Standard Forum Berhad, a technical forum for the communication and multimedia industry, which had developed the standard to empower the level of security of the communication network in Malaysia.

The standards were the Requirements for Information and Network Security, Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), Information Security Incident Management and Security Posture Assessment (SPA) and they were applicable in the context of 5G technology and other technologies.

According to MCMM, the 5G technology was the latest in the evolution of mobile communication technology which was capable of offering a higher broadband access speed, better connection trustworthiness, and more extensive interconnection compared to the current mobile communication technology.

The implementation of the 5G technology in Malaysia was seen as capable of shaping the implementation of business and industry to spur the national digital economy as a new engine of growth, according to MCMM.



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