SUNGAI PETANI, Oct 26 — The Kedah government will give a special focus towards the redevelopment of the Kedah Halal Park here, to turn out more viable entrepreneurs in the production of halal products.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mukhriz Tun Mahathir said the state government would intensify promotions to attract more entrepreneurs to operate from the park other than upgrading facilities to help them meet the halal industry standard.

‘’Prior to this we had the Halal Industry park but it was too timid to live but unwilling to die, so we need to detail out and gather information again on what needs to be done so that the park has all the facilities and identify what kind of production is suitable there,’’ he told reporters after opening the 2019 Kedah Halal Fest here today.

In the meantime, he also urged more entrepreneurs involved in the halal industry to register with the Kedah Entrepreneurs Development Unit (KEDU) to enable numerous aid provided by the state government could be channelled.

He said through the 2020 Kedah State Budget, the state government provided a RM1 million allocation to KEDU to implement development programmes to boost the capacity and capability of the entrepreneurs to boost their competitiveness.

‘’How are we to help of we don’t have data or information. Whom to give and for what purpose. So, it is difficult for us to do. As such, we need the information. So, it is important for us to encourage the entrepreneurs to register with KEDU.

‘’Although, some are successful and don’t need aid, but information about the entrepreneurs is important for us to know them other than facilitating the state government aid to the rest,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, on the 2019 Kedah Halal Fest, 138 entrepreneurs and related agencies exhibited their goods and halal products for four days from Oct 24.

It is understood that Malaysian halal export last year touched RM40 billion with the major importers being Singapore (RM4.6 billion), China (RM4.5 billion), Japan (RM2.5 billion), United States (RM2.4 billion) and Indonesia (RM1.9 billion).



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