KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 — Unmanned 5G harvesters are being deployed on dedicated harvesting routes at the Wanhe organic farm in the eastern part of Chongming District, Shanghai in China.

Self-driving seeders, organic farm robots and unmanned pesticide-spraying aircraft are also working on other fields.

More high-quality farmland, irrigation, technology and government policies are among factors behind bumper harvests over recent years on Chongming Island.

Wanhe organic farm official, Huang Zhen thanked 5G network as they got rid of excessive dependence on farmers and realised the control and management of machines, hence improving efficiency.

With large bandwidth, low delay and big connection characteristics, ‘5G+ smart harvesters’ realise the all-round support for the cultivation and management of agricultural production including comprehensive mechanisation, obstacle avoidance, remote control and self-driving.

And these new-energy harvesters can collect and analyse production data in real time using artificial intelligence technology, and improving environmental and ecological protection.

On top of smart harvesters, 5G is also being deployed in medicine, self-driving, smart sports and smart retail sector.

By October-end, Chongming had 539 5G stations including 23 indoors. The government said it realised the full coverage of the island in the future.


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