China Communications Services Co. Ltd  (CCS)  is a company listed on the Main Board of HKEX (HK.552). The key shareholders of CCS are China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom. CCS is the first overseas listed Chinese company providing integrated services for Telecommunications, Media and Technology companies.

CCS has a service team with over 100 thousand people, including 10 thousand consultants, 10 thousand software developers. CCS has all the top qualifications in the field of information technology. CCS’ service, support and operation network to more than 30 countries and regions overseas to help achieve customers’ “informatization dreams”. In 2018, CCS had generated a total revenue of USD 15 billion.

In recent years, CCS has accelerated its integration into the main channel of “Digitalization” construction. “Building a Smart Society, Boosting the Digital Economy, and Serving a Better Life” has become a new mission of CCS. In the field of informatization, CCS has multi-professional integrated service capabilities, covering design, civil engineering, network construction, maintenance, operation, facility management, modern supply chain, software development, system integration and other aspects, providing customers with One-stop solution.

CCS first proposed the concept and structure of “Smart City” and put it into practice. It has built a number of benchmark projects in smart cities, smart parks, and smart security. 

In the process of delivering smart cities, the smart data has improved the efficiency of the local government’s administrative services, brought convenient services to the people, and brought huge economic and social benefits to the city.

CONSULTING: CCS takes the top-level planning as the guide, that assists the urban manager and has accomplished the total planning for over 100 cities (cities /districts / counties).

“BIG” PLATFORM: “CCSYUN” platform and I.O.T. platform, is to assist clients to realize the cloud development, cloud online, cloud management and I.O.T. application.

“BIG” PRODUCT COLLECTION: Over 2.5 billion contributed in Research & Development, to build the smart social product collection covering over 20 industries which is modularized and freely assembled. 

BIG DATA DRIVEN: Big data thinking penetrates into CCS platform, smart product collection and service. CCS has numerous of big data application scenarios. 

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION: CCS offers the solution for flexible scales from city to town, to park, to building.

Building a Smart Communities, Boosting the Digital Economy, and Serving a Better Life”. CCS is a reliable consultant, system integrator and software developer with good quality assurance, a full-service team who provides long term operation & maintenance service for both local and foreign governments and enterprises. In 2018, the CCS contract value in the smart city, smart security and other smart fields has accumulated more than USD 5.0B.

CCS Malaysia (CCSMY) has been actively involved in and promoted the development of Smart Digital Malaysia. Since 2015, CCSMY has accomplished informatization projects like smart park, smart building, smart education, cloud computing, big data and others for the local clients. Furthermore, CCS Malaysia has started to provide solutions including smart city, smart security, smart mobility, smart governance, smart travel and others to the local state government & city authority such as Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang, Johor, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak.

Nevertheless, CCS Malaysia will continue to respond to China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative and to take part in and to promote the development of Malaysia Smart Digital Economy and Industry 4.0.


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