Founded in 2012, UBTECH is a global leading artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic company. The company specializes in artificial intelligence and service robot research and development, application platform software development, product sales and manufacturing.

UBTECH has five global research institutes and more than 1,400 patent applications worldwide. It has gained competitive edge on advanced technologies such as robotic motion control, high-precision servo motor, U-SLAM navigation and computer vision. In terms of software development, UBTECH has developed ROSA, the world’s first large-scale commercial service robot operating system.

Carrying the vision of popularizing intelligent service robots to every business and household in the world, UBTECH has been actively building a “hardware + software + service + content” intelligent service ecosystem, aiming to become a leading innovation enterprise in the convergence of AI and robotics. It has reached strategic cooperation with a number of international companies including Amazon, Tencent, Disney and Apple, and has established scientific research laboratories in collaboration with top universities including Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and University of Sydney. 

Globally, the company is best known as the industry leader in humanoid robotics development, including Walker, Alpha 1E, Alpha Mini, as well as its advanced educational kits that are designed to support AI education in a fun, hands-on way. With its world-class robots that are interactive and enjoyable for the entire family, UBTECH Robotics allows you to step away from traditional play and into a world where robots are our friends

In addition to its consumer products, UBTECH has also provides one-stop solutions on AI education, smart retail, smart industrial park and campus security. As of May, the company’s products and solutions have been applied to various sectors in over 40 countries and regions worldwide. 

UBTEHC’s enterprise robot line includes Cruzr and Atris

Cruzr: a cloud-based intelligent humanoid service robot that provides a wide range of service applications for various business environments. 
an all-terrain patrol robot that provides security support for industrial parks. 
Alpha Mini: an affectionate companion robot ready to befriend, entertain, teach, and communicate with users in a wide variety of scenarios
Alpha 1E: a household programmable intelligent humanoid robot that can be used for education and entertainment.


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