KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 — Contributions in support of efforts by the government in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak in the country continue to pour.

A pharmaceutical company, Duopharma Biotech Berhad, in a statement today, said it has contributed RM500,000 in cash and medical equipment to the COVID-19 fund.

 The equipment included a ventilator to a government hospital and three patient monitoring devices to Hospital Enche’ Besar Hajjah Khalsom, in Kluang, Johor.

As for the cash contribution, the company said RM10,000 was allocated to the Epic Society for purchase of essential items for the Orang Asli community and RM50,000 to the Government-linked Companies Disaster Response Network (GDRN).

Meanwhile, a cleaning company, Norwex, said it has contributed 10,000 pieces of face mask to the St John Ambulance Malaysia (SJAM) and 500 pieces of Envirocloth for use in ambulance and at SJAM dialysis centres.

Another, INEX Innovate molecular diagnostic team,  in collaboration with Universiti Malaya Medical Center (UMMC), has to date, supplied more than  20,000 COVID-19 test kits, including 1,500 additional test kits to meet urgent needs.

The test kit is based on real-time Reaction Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) technology, which has a resolution of up to 99 percent and results can be obtained in approximately 90 to 120 minutes.


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