YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah ,  Minister of Communications and Multimedia  ,Malaysia.

Dato’ sri Chong Chin Fung, advisor of PUCM Pahang Chapter, Mr. Yan Biao, President of PUCM Pahang Chapter  , distinguished guests, members of the media, PUCM members faraway from capital Kuala Lumpur and Pahang local, ladies and gentleman, a very good evening to you all.

Firstly, on behalf of PUCM HQ and Pahang Chapter , I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Communications and Multimedia   for taking your valuable time to be with us  and officiate the opening ceremony.

PUCM, Namely ( PUCM-PERSATUAN USAHAWAN CHINA DI MALAYSIA),  was established in 2015 and currently has  over 150 company members. It is  one of the most active and locally recognised China association in Malaysia. PUCM members have invested in a variety of business sectors such as information technology, construction, mining, oil & gas, telecommunications, energy, retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare, media and tourism, and have been making a significant contribution to Malaysia’s economic development.

PUCM has been actively promoting Chinese companies and communicating with the local community through such creative methods as holding trade exhibition, shooting Chinese New Year and Hari Raya video clips, holding seminars and forums, interacting with the Bumiputera community and holding charity events. PUCM also interacts regularly with local and international medias.

My Pahang chapter president Mr. Yan Biao has been inviting me to Kuantan and expressed his intention to set up an office here to enhance bilateral business corporation between Malaysia n China , especially encouraging more Chinese investors to Kuantan and Pahang.

And today we are here.

Kuantan is the city where most Chinese national lives just after Klang area , Johor and Malacca. Most probably  because of Kuantan Industrial parks attracting them. 

Pahang also famous for its  rich mineral resources of iron ore, gold, tin and bauxite for generations, which attracted many Chinese coming down in last a few centuries.

Nowadays Pahang is famous with the world best durian – Masan king , which is well known by almost every Chinese family.

Kuantan Port is just 3-4 days shipping distance to China. We could fly to China within 3 hours if  Kuantan airport expanded, by then many more Chinese tourists  and investors would choose Kuantan as their first choice rather than any other states. Some more Chinese investment will flood in When ECRL completed. 

Well, ladies and gentlemen. That’s why we set up our Pahang Chapter today.

PUCM’s vision is to do our best enhancing bilateral business corporations between the two nations. We encourage more FDI from China. 

To me Pahang is not only potential in minings, manufacturing and agricultural sectors, but also AI and Smart technology .  

Technology is the driving force of a changing landscape in business development. China is a world powerhouse in AI and smart technology, which has enabled China to make outstanding economic achievement over the past few decades . 

I noted that the Malaysian government has been putting a high priority on innovation and creativity, and using smart technology to boost economic and social development . 

Malaysian government is looking to set up to get on board with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As Minister mentioned earlier I noticed , Malaysia need to bring in more AI technology replacing foreign workers in some business sectors. 

PUCM’s vision is to bring more AI and smart technologies to Malaysia in future and to work closely with local partners to further enrich Malaysia’s technological and economic development.    

And today I bring some world leading ICT and AI technology company already settled down in Malaysia. China Mobile International M’sia CEO Mr. CC Hew, Mr. Leo yang, CEO of China Telecom M’sia, Mr. Eugene Choo, CEO of  CPCG Holdings Sdn Bhd, Mr. Louis pan , Marketing Manager of China Commservice Malaysia, and some others.

We wish to take this opportunity  to show case what we have and what we can do for Kuantan and Pahang , as well as Malaysia. Maybe later on we also invite a few companies to present what we have and we we can do for Kuantan & Pahang.

In the last , I ‘d like to call upon all of us here to work together for a better and closer Malaysia – China relations with strong support from our honourable minister.  

Once again, thank you very much to YB dato Minister of Communications and Multimedia, VIPS from local government , association bodies , medias and friends for spending your precious time with us.   

And I wish all the guests a good health and a happy weekend.

Thank you .


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