KUCHING, Dec 4– A Sarawak minister today called for the tightening of control and security measures at all border entry points, saying porous borders can be detrimental to state and national security.

Datuk Talib Zulpilip, Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Integrity and Ombudsman), said “what we are facing now is that we do not have strict control and we do not have information on the illegal immigrants in the state.

“In terms of national security, these matters are important,” he said at a press conference called to announce the Integrity Leadership Pioneer Programme organised by the State Integrity and Ombudsman Unit.

Talib said the issue of illegal immigrants is not a new thing as the state continues to thwart the illegal entry of foreigners but there is a need to fine-tune and improve the entry process at the borders so that this issue can be effectively controlled. 

“This involves cooperation with the immigration authorities and the police, and there are so many factors that should be addressed. If we choose to seal our borders to immigrants it is doable but what about those who have entered and are not exiting the state? We do not know how many of them are out there.

“That is why we need to fine-tune the processes and records as well as tighten control at the border. Otherwise we are back to square one,” he said.


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