BAGAN DATUK, Dec 20 — If many are waiting for the national border gates to open to enjoy the view of the vast sunflower plantations in a neighboring country, now the public can enjoy the same experience just in Bagan Datuk.

The 0.8 hectare farm located in Bagan Sungai Burung promised a beautiful panorama decorated with more than 2,000 sunflowers or its scientific name Helianthus annuus.

Farm owner, Khor Weng Kiang, 46, said almost 400 visitors came to the farm every day to take pictures with the giant sunflower plants and enjoying other activities such as feeding fish and ducks which were also available at the farm.

Khor said he, his elder sister and five other friends set up the farm last year and now it is open every day from 9 am to 7 pm by charging fees ranging from RM5 to RM13 according to age.

“We had the idea to open this farm after seeing tourists who like to take pictures with sun flowers growing by the roadsides as backdrops.

“So, from there we see the sunflower plant has its own attraction and we want this farm to be a new tourist location in Bagan Datuk,” he said when met here today.

Khor said because the sunflower plants only live for a short period of time, he had to plant them in three lots to ensure that the farm would not run out of sunflowers and disappoint visitors coming from all over the state.

“Actually, the sunflower seeds are very cheap. But the cost of caring for the plants is very high because the plants are always damaged by insects and need optimum care, “said Khor who liked to entertain visitors by helping to take their pictures.

Khor said his farm was also the location of choice for newlyweds from various races to take photos for remembrance.

Meanwhile, a visitor, Normila Jufri, 48, from Kuala Selangor said she was willing to drive for almost three hours to take her 15-year-old daughter to the farm after seeing the farm viraled on social media recently.

“Indeed, I have actually wanted to go to a sun flower farm like this in Bangkok, Thailand for a long time now but the situation did not permit it. So when I see a farm like this in Bagan Datuk, I felt excited.

“Upon our arrival here, I find this area is really beautiful, full of big sunflowers. Many people look happy and I am very satisfied, ”said the insurance agent.          


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