PETALING JAYA,Dec 23: The new China ambassador to Malaysia has pledged to do his best to further boost bilateral relations between the two countries.

Ouyang Yujing said he felt a great responsibility on his shoulder taking over from his predecessor amid a pandemic with countries around the world working hard to restore their economies.

“I will do my best to sow more beneficial seeds for the development of China-Malaysia relations to a new level, so that the two countries will always be good neighbours, good friends, good partners and good brothers, ” he said after arriving here yesterday.

Having been to Malaysia several times in the past for diplomatic visits and consultations, Ouyang said that he had a good understanding of Malaysia.

He praised Malaysia for its beautiful scenery, diverse cultures and the warm and kind people.

“The Malaysian government and the people’s tremendous support and help in the development of Malaysia-China relations have left a very deep impression on me.”

“It is fate and also my honour that I am sent to Malaysia this time, ” he said.

“I will make use of this opportunity to learn more about the charms of Malaysia, ” he added.

Ouyang also noted that the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries has led to a long-term progress with deep cooperation based on the principle of mutual benefits and win-win results.

“For example, in facing the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia and China understand each other and overcome the difficulties together.

“Therefore, both China and Malaysia will continue to work together next in fighting the pandemic and restoring the economy, ” he added.

Ouyang, 55, has vast experience in diplomatic and cross-border affairs.

He was China’s director-general of the Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before taking over from Bai Tian as the new ambassador.

Bai, who began his tenure Nov 28,2017, ended his posting in Malaysia on Nov 27.


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