KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 26 — Accidents in the workplace such as yesterday’s gas inhalation incident could be avoided if all the safety measures set are followed, said Ikatan Komuniti Selamat (IKATAN) chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

“The employer or the appointed contractor, must take the responsibility to ensure that their workers have qualification certificates and attended the Occupational Safety and Health courses.

“This can increase the awareness and skills of employees in carrying out this risky work thus prevent any incident that could threaten their lives,” he told Bernama today.

In addition, he said workers who work in enclosed spaces such as the sewage plant should be provided with special equipment that can detect the presence of toxic gases.

At the same time, Lee hopes the Department of Occupational Safety and Health can play a proactive role in monitoring every work carried out at risky locations to ensure it complies with the standard operating procedures (SOP) set.

In the 3.10 pm incident, three men died after inhaling gas while cleaning a sewage plant in Jalan Pantai Permai 1, Pantai Dalam here.

The two locals and a Bangladeshi were employees of a cleaning contractor.


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