PUTRAJAYA, Dec 27 —  Dengkil Assemblyman  Adhif Shan Abdullah is confirmed positive with COVID-19 and he will be sent to a hospital for treatment and quarantine today.

The matter was confirmed by the assemblyman himself in a statement today.

According to Adif, he went to a hospital for screening last Dec 25 after finding that his driver was down with fever for the past two days.

“My driver and I went to do the swab test as a precautionary measure on Dec 25 soon after completing our daily routine and today (Dec 26), we are confirmed positive (with COVID-19) by the hospital,” he said.

Adhif said he and his driver are still in stable condition and they will be taken by the Health Ministry to be sent to the hospital for quarantine and treatment.

He said the Health Ministry and the relevant authorities had been informed of the matter and all those who were in close contact with him and his driver had been detected and will be screened.

To that effect, Adif said, the Dengkil Community Service Centre will be closed for 14 days as a precaution and for sanitisation .

The staff there will also be in quarantine at their respective home after they have done the screening, he added.

However, he said, those who need to deal with his office could do so through the email 



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