Kuala Lumpur Dec 27 — China’s new ambassador to Malaysia Ouyang Yujing, who is under quarantine since arriving six days ago, is excited to hit the ground running.

In a video blog posted on China Embassy in Malaysia’s Facebook page on Christmas Day, Ouyang said he has been observing home quarantine after arriving in Kuala Lumpur on Dec 20.

“I stayed in the residence without going anywhere. I read books and newspaper, practised calligraphy, sometimes took a stroll in the residence to keep myself physically and mentally healthy.

“When reading newspapers, the topic I pay most attention to is the Covid-19 outbreak, ” he said, while keeping a copy of The Star on his desk.

Ouyang said he had been having virtual meetings with his Malaysian friends and receiving congratulatory and greeting messages from local organisations.

“I feel the care and enthusiasm expressed by my Malaysian friends from all walks of life towards China-Malaysia relations, which motivated me and gave me confidence at the same time, ” he said.

Ouyang will begin his work as soon as possible in order to contribute to the development of China-Malaysia relations and to boost the cooperation.

Ouyang, 55, has vast experience in diplomatic and cross-border affairs as he was China’s director-general of the Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He has taken on the role as ambassador after his predecessor Bai Tian ended his tenure in Malaysia on Nov 27, after three years of service.


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