PETALING JAYA,Feb 3: With the ongoing movement control order (MCO) extended to Feb 18, the reopening of more economic and social sectors will be on a case-by-case basis, FMT has learnt.

A well-placed government source said there would be no blanket opening of all sectors, noting how the Covid-19 incidence rate varied across different sectors.

While most cases came from factory workers’ accommodations, the source said, the Covid-19 incidence rate in certain social and business sectors was low.

“Why institute action that can cause collateral damage? The virus is in our community, but the rate of recovery is high against new positive cases, so we are okay. But what we need to do is protect the vulnerable.

“The more tests we do, the higher the number of cases will be. The health ministry should look at the incidence rate, not absolute numbers that tend to scare the public,” the source said.

The source also said non-contact sports such as fishing, hiking, swimming and golfing should be allowed during the extended MCO, adding that martial arts was also among those that did not report any Covid-19 cases.

“Certain sports must be allowed to open but with defined standard operating procedures, instilling awareness on the risk of close contact.”

Earlier, The Straits Times of Singapore reported that more economic sectors will reopen with the extension of the MCO, including hairdressers as well as retail and wholesalers and retailers.

Quoting sources, it said Putrajaya would be listing sectors that cannot operate instead of those that can.

It said the international trade and industry ministry will be holding a virtual meeting with trade groups to brief them on the new standard operating procedures.


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