KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 5– “I am ashamed because I am the people’s representative, yet I can’t do as much as he does,” said Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa when commenting on the way preacher Ebit Liew swiftly carries out his charity work.

Annuar said the preacher was one of the figures that he wanted to meet to share matters related to welfare and contributions to the public, and maybe even learn from him.

“Perhaps I have a slightly different view, the roles of NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and that of the government are different but, at the same time, we (the leaders) must have a sense of shame… not in a negative sense, though,

“This is because there are people with no power like him (Ebit Liew), who is willing to do more, whereas people like us who have power, we do not do enough,” he said in the online Bicara Minda programme, hosted by Sinar Harian, that was streamed live on Facebook yesterday.

However, the minister said the government’s responsibility was not the same as that of NGOs because the government also needed to focus on formulating good policies.

He said the government also had agendas and programmes that might not be seen by the people now but the results would only be seen in the long run.

“If there is a problem, we will go and solve them, that is important too but as the government, especially, we have to think further than that. 

“So, if we are not seen as going to help, it doesn’t mean the government is not functioning, but it’s better that we manage the government in terms of good policy implementation while we also continue to be a government that cares about the problems faced by the people,” he said.


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