KUALA LUMPUR,Mar 29: MCA president Wee Ka Siong says any move for ministers and deputy ministers from the Barisan Nasional component parties to resign from government must be a collective decision.

His comments follow calls by Umno advisory council chairman Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah for the party’s members, who are ministers, deputy ministers or chairmen of government-linked companies, to resign their posts immediately.

Asked if he was willing to resign, Wee, who is transport minister, only said: “ Whatever decision we make, it must be a collective one.”

The other MCA members in the government are deputy plantation industries and commodities minister Wee Jeck Seng, deputy education minister Mah Hang Soon and deputy national unity minister Ti Lian Ker.

MIC, meanwhile, will discuss with its grassroots whether to go along with Umno’s stand to “go solo” for the 15th general election.

Party deputy president M Saravanan said they would discuss the matter at a supreme council meeting.

“That (quitting Cabinet) is Umno’s stand. I need to consult with MIC first if the grassroots agree with the decision,” Saravanan, who is human resources minister, told reporters.


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