PUTRAJAYA, April 2 — There was no Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) bacteria detected at the CEM 014 Linggi Agriculture Farm, said the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS).

The department, in a statement today, said this based on the results of tests carried out on samples of cloaca smears, fecal smears, egg samples, food and water collected from the layer farm for SE detection.

“The Salmonella monitoring programme on 276 layer farms nationwide has been enhanced to ensure the supply and safety of marketed eggs,” the statement read.

DVS also advises consumers to ensure that the eggs purchased are clean, free of fecal contamination, stored in a suitable place and cooked properly before consumption.

It said SE contamination could occur at the farm due to poor farming practices in terms of biosecurity and hygiene, as well as along the marketing chain due to the unhygienic handling of eggs.

It was reported recently that the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) ordered several importers to recall eggs from Linggi Agriculture Farm (CEM 014) after detecting the presence of SE in the product.


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