KUALA LUMPUR,  April 4  — A total of 279, 023 individuals in the first phase of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme have completed receiving both doses of their vaccine shots as of yesterday.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said 508,481 individuals were given the first dose during the same period, bringing the total number of doses administered so far to 787,504.

Based on an infographic shared on his official Twitter page today, Selangor recorded the state with the highest recipients of the first dose, at 71,403 , followed by Sarawak (52,157), Perak (50,334), Sabah (46,459) and Kuala Lumpur (44,925).

Selangor also recorded the highest number of recipients who had completed both doses, totalling 34,716 individuals, followed by Perak (29,412), Kuala Lumpur (26,637), Sarawak (26,600) dan Sabah (24,737).

On the number of registrations for the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, Dr Adham said, it was 7,808,785 or 32.20  per cent with Selangor recording the highest number with 2,123, 502 registrations.

According to the immunisation programme, the implementation period of the first phase of vaccination is from February to April, involving 500,000 frontliners, including health workers.

The programme will continue for the second phase which is expected from April to August this year involving 9.4 million senior citizens, aged 60 and above, as well as the vulnerable groups with morbidity problems, in addition to persons with disabilities.

The third phase scheduled from May to February 2022 is for individuals aged 18 and above, targetting about 13.7 million people.


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