KOTA BHARU, May 23 — The police has denied an allegation that an explosion involving a vehicle resulting in the death of a man at Persimpangan Kampung Sireh, here, last Friday, as viraled on the WhatsApp application, was a bomb attack using a drone.

Kelantan police chief, Datuk Shafien Mamat, however, said the actual cause of the incident was still being investigated by the Bukit Aman Bomb Unit and the Fire and Rescue Department’s (JBPM) Forensic Unit in Putrajaya.

“The results of the inspections will be known as soon as possible after the two units completed their investigations.

”Based on preliminary information from witnesses, smoke was seen coming out from the bonnet of the car before the explosion,’’ he said. 

Shafied told reporters this after a Special Meeting of the Special Disaster Management Committee (COVID-19 Prevention Enforcement) at the Kota Darulnaim Complex, here, today.

He was commenting on a viral message on the explosion that the explosion was allegedly caused by a drone attack and not from a lightning strike.

In the meantime, Shafien said throughout the investigation at the incident site, the road from Pintu Geng to Lembah Sireh will be temporarily closed to a time to be informed later.

“Residents in Lembah Sireh, Pintu Geng, Taman Guru, Salor Lama and Pendek can use the alternative route, namely, Kuala Krai Federal Route-Kota Bharu straight to Wakaf Che Yeh-Telipot-Wakaf Siku.

“Those working in the areas along the closed route such as Wisma Perkeso and the Kota Darul Naim Post Office near the location must inform the police first for inspection before entering,” he said.

In the 5.30 pm incident on Friday, a 49-year-old man was killed when the car he was driving, which was also carrying firecrackers, exploded, splitting the vehicle into two. 


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