KUALA LUMPUR, June 1 — The government’s decision to implement a two-week total lockdown which begins today has been well-received by many who want to see a reduction in COVID-19 cases as the virus has claimed several Malaysian lives.

In a survey conducted by Bernama involving 1,251 respondents, it was found that 95.3 per cent were all for the nationwide total lockdown. 

The respondents of the online survey were males and females aged between 18 and 61 years, who were of various races from across the country.

A total of 1,213 people or 97 per cent of the respondents are confident that the lockdown will be able to reduce the overwhelming surge in COVID-19 positive cases.

A total of 1,138 respondents agreed that the total lockdown is a good healthcare move health and only nine per cent stated otherwise.

Those who participated in the survey were government or statutory bodies’ staff (600), private sector employees (395), self-employed (124), unemployed (104) and students (44) living in urban, rural and suburban area, with education qualifications from Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia up to doctorate levels.

On whether the 14-day total lockdown would affect their family’s income, 52.2 per cent of respondents replied in the affirmative.

The survey also found that 64.7 per cent of the respondents were worried that the lockdown would result in them losing their source of income, 54.6 per cent feared their basic necessities would not be sufficient while 44 per cent feared they would suffer from depression.

The respondents also hoped that the government could provide a moratorium for targeted groups, give a discount on utility bills and psychological support to help take care of their mental health.

Interestingly, 81.9 per cent of the respondents agreed that the total lockdown could strengthen family ties as parents can be with their children under one roof, for some time.

In the survey, 43.6 per cent of the respondents also agreed that the total lockdown should be for 30 days, 31 per cent were of the view that 14 days should suffice, while 25.4 per cent felt 21 days would be ideal.



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