NILAI, June 4 — The Ministry of Human Resources has received 1,120 complaints against employers related to Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0 standard operating procedure (SOP) violations from May 25 until yesterday.

Its minister, Datuk Seri M. Saravanan said among the complaints include employers forcing workers to work overtime and the physical presence of employees in offices that exceeded the limit allowed by the authorities.

He said all the complaints are being investigated by the ministry through the Labour Department (JTK), which had been empowered by the National Security Council (MKN) to issue a compound up to RM50,000 against employers found guilty of breaching the SOP.

“Please, in the current situation, (employers) do not take advantage. When we take action, don’t blame the government, breaking the COVID-19 infection chain is the responsibility of all parties. 

“When the government asked to reduce the number of employees at the workplace, follow the SOP. That’s all,” he told reporters after making compliance checks on the Minimum Standards of Housing, Accommodation and Employee Facilities Act 1990 (Act 446) and MCO 3.0 SOP here today. 

Meanwhile, Saravanan explained that his ministry was not involved in the authorisation of economic sector operations and work travel permits through the COVID-19 Intelligence Management System (CIMS 3.0).

However, he said the ministry has the power to order companies that breach the SOP to be closed. 

On the compliance of Act 446, Saravanan said the ministry had inspected 19,010 employers involving 106,593 workers’ accommodation nationwide so far.

A total of 742 investigation papers have been opened under the Act with 125 cases prosecuted, of which 49 of them involved compounds amounting to RM352,000.


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