SHAH ALAM, Aug 2 — The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) will only manage the remains of COVID-19 patients that have been released by the hospital, said its director, Datuk Mohd Shahzihan Ahmad.

He said matters such as informing the next-of-kin of the death of COVID-19 patients and their presence at the hospital were under the purview of the hospital.

“Several allegations against JAIS on social media, in the case of the management of the COVID-19 remains, are a distorted assumption.

“It is also inaccurate, prejudicial and can give rise to a bad perspective on JAIS’ new policy and ruling on the management of COVID-19 patients’ remains, which was enforced throughout Selangor from July 28,” he said in a statement today.

Mohd Shahzihan said that his department took note of several allegations thrown at JAIS on social media, in implementing the new ruling on the management of COVID-19 patients’ remains.

He said that the management of COVID-19 remains in Selangor had been reviewed to help overcome constraints and ease the pressure of the hospital’s frontliners, especially in the Forensic Division, to prevent a recurrence of the backlog involving Muslim COVID-10 patients.

“JAIS would like to emphasise and recommend that if the next-of-kin of COVID-19 patients, or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or any individual have evidence of breach of the latest ruling or criminal acts or abuse of power, to lodge a complaint to JAIS, or report to the authorities for further action,” he said.

Mohd Shahzihan said that no fee would be charged to the family or relatives for each COVID-19 funeral managed by the department.

He said that the fee would only be charged by the cemetery management, including the cost of the coffin if necessary, which was directly paid by the family or relatives to the cemetery management.

He said JAIS had selected suitable cemeteries for COVID-19 funerals for the convenience of all parties, but for special situations, it could make certain considerations to make changes that were in the public interest, especially for Muslims.

At the same time, JAIS also invites volunteers and any NGOs who wish to work with the JAIS Task Force (COVID-19 Funeral Management) in helping to manage the remains; they must abide by the rulings set by the department.


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