KULIM, Aug 5 — Kulim Hospital, which previously had to rely on its eight coffins to store bodies, including COVID-19 patients, today received a refrigerated container to overcome the problem.

The container, capable of storing up to 40 bodies, was donated by the Padang Serai parliamentary community service centre, in collaboration with Maritime Network Sdn Bhd.

MIC vice-president and Padang Serai parliamentary coordinator, Datuk Sivarraajh Chandran, presented the container to Kulim Hospital director, Dr Fauziah Abdul Wahab.

“We are called to help the hospital after knowing the problems they face to store the bodies when the number of deaths due to COVID-19 is increasing.

“It is hoped that this container, costing RM60,000, not including transportation costs, can help alleviate the hospital’s problems in managing the bodies,” said Sivarraajh when met by reporters today.

Meanwhile, Dr Fauziah expressed her appreciation to Sivarraajh and the Maritime Network for the contribution of the container which is much needed to solve the problem of placing the bodies at the hospital.

She said that before this, the hospital relied on eight coffins to place the bodies, and they faced difficulties when the number of deaths, especially due to COVID-19, increased at the hospital.

“We only have eight coffins, so we really need this container and all the bodies of COVID-19 patients will be placed in this container while the existing coffins will be used to keep the bodies of non-COVID-19 patients,” she said.


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