KUALA LUMPUR,  Aug 18  — A total of 2,913 clusters have been reported since the beginning of the second phase of the COVID-19 third wave on March 28, 2021 until yesterday (Aug 17).

Heatlh director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said of the total, 1,549 clusters (53.2 per cent) were workplace-linked clusters, 880 clusters (30.2 per cent) were community clusters while the rest came from other sources.

He said of the 880 community clusters reported, a total of 58,776 COVID-19 positive cases have been detected with 417 deaths recorded, 14 cases still being treated in the intensive care unit (ICU), while 439 clusters were still active.

The states that reported the highest number of community clusters were Kelantan at 239 clusters, followed by Sarawak (171 clusters), and Sabah (94 clusters).

“These reported community clusters were stemmed from infection among family members or close contacts due to family visits or in residential areas (481 clusters); communities at longhouses (44 clusters); and festive celebrations (55 clusters),” he said in a statement today.

Meanwhile, Dr Noor Hisham said a total of 133,247 COVID-19 positive cases were from the workplace clusters reported and of the total 370 deaths were recorded and 32 cases were being treated in the ICU.

He said 764 workplace clusters were still active and have been placed under the outbreak monitoring period.

The states that have the highest number of workplace clusters are Selangor at 414 clusters, followed by Johor (322 clusters) and Kuala Lumpur (149 clusters).

Dr Noor Hisham said the top three workplace sub-clusters reported during the period involved the manufacturing sector (780 clusters); services sector (260 clusters); and the construction sector (181 clusters).

He said efforts to reduce workplace clusters required strict adherence and enforcement of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set, as well as ramping up the vaccination programme for employees.


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