KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 23  – A member of the army who refuses to get vaccinated will be subject to disciplinary action for disobeying orders or a standing order, said the Malaysian Army (TDM) in a statement today.

TDM said it had taken note of an article about Sgt Wan Ramly Wan Seman entitled ‘Sarjan tentera dipecat kerana tolak vaksin COVID-19, hilang pencen’ (army sergeant fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccine, loses pension) by an online news portal today.

However, it asserted that vaccination is compulsory for a TDM personnel – particularly before an assignment – unless they are from an ineligible group.

“The vaccine is compulsory because TDM members live in groups.”

Aside from this, as frontliners, they are susceptible to infection, said TDM.

“It is also to support the government in achieving herd immunity and breaking the COVID-19 infection chain,” it added.


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