BEIJING, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) — The Communist Party of China (CPC) has firm leadership and strong governance capability, said a key publication released Thursday.

Titled “The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions,” the publication was released by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Upholding CPC Central Committee’s authority and centralized leadership has led to smooth and steady progress in revolution, reconstruction and reform, and ensures the CPC’s position as the governing party and the country’s long-term stability, according to the publication.

Over the past hundred years, at every historic juncture, the CPC has been able to analyze the situation from an overall, objective and forward-looking perspective, and set forth practical goals, tasks, policies and roadmaps. It is the Party’s sound guidelines that have enabled it to carry out its work in a well-organized and systematic manner, the publication said.

Over the past hundred years, the Party has been consistent in building its organization, tightening its discipline and strengthening the rule of law. It has united tens of millions of Party members and organized hundreds of millions of Chinese people, thereby ensuring that its decisions and plans are implemented in a timely, resolute and forceful manner, it said.

The CPC is strong because it has always placed the united front in an important position, combining all the forces that can be united, mobilizing all positive factors, and pooling as much strength as possible for collective endeavors, the publication said.

The CPC can realize its overall leadership over state affairs and in all sectors of society because a large number of high-caliber officials play their role to the best of their ability, stated the publication. 


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