KOTA KINABALU, Sept 4 — Sabah today reported 2,279 new COVID-19 cases of which 1,067 cases (46.8 per cent) were registered late, between two and three days after the screening results were known, said state Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun.

The Sabah COVID-19 spokesman said in a statement tonight, 92 cases (four per cent) were screening results registered between four and five days late, and 181 cases (7.9 per cent) were reported more than five days after the test results were known.

He said the new COVID-19 cases had dropped slightly compared to the 2,404 cases recorded yesterday.

“The percentage of (positive) close contact screenings dropped to 54.3 per cent or 1,237 cases today but the number of positive cases detected through symptomatic screenings rose to 31.1 per cent or 708 cases while 164 cases were detected through cluster screenings.

“This trend is quite worrying because it is a sign that COVID-19 virus is becoming more prevalent in the community and we have no clue how it spreads,” he said.

Masidi said a new cluster was recorded today, namely the Semawang cluster in Sandakan involving workers of a sawmill.

“On Aug 19, a private clinic reported 10 positive cases. The case index was a 40-year-old male foreign worker who tested positive for COVID-19 and as of today the cluster has recorded 116 positive cases,” he added.


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