SEPANG, Nov 1 — The COVID-19 self-test kit is available for as low as RM6.90 a unit, said Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi.

He said this followed the move to expand the sale of the test kit to supermarkets, convenience store networks and petrol stations in stages.

“The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) was told the prices offered at supermarkets and convenient stores are as low as RM6.90 each while, KK Supermart is selling them for only RM6.60 each.

“This is surely very good news to consumers in the light of the situation today,” he said when launching the COVID-19 self-test kit sales at KK Supermart in KL International Airport 2 (klia) and inspecting the 2021 Deepavali Festive Season Maximum Price Scheme, here today.

Prior to this, the COVID-19 self-test kits received conditional approval from the Malaysian Device Authority (MDA) to be sold at selected clinics and pharmacies.

The government had fixed the maximum retail price for COVID-19 self-test kit at RM19.90 per unit and wholesale price at RM16.00 a unit effective Sept 5.

Nanta said the decision of the government to expand the sales of the COVID-19 self-test kit would bring down the price with the readiness of stock and through competition in the retail sector.

As of Oct 28, he said 2,570 business premises nationwide had been approved to sell the COVID-19 self-test kits whereby 494 are under KK Supermart & Superstore Sdn Bhd including at klia2.

On the new ceiling price of the COVID-19 self-test kit, Nanta said it would be announced soon and its determination would take into account all aspects including the interest of consumers and traders.

“The business environment must be centred on supply and demand. It is not necessary for the government to use its power to restrict and regulate,” he added.


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