KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19  The majestic desert scenery, the beautiful scenery in the hinterland, the ancient civilization of the Yellow River, and the towering Helan mountains, and all such rich tourism resources make Ningxia an indispensable stop for tourists on the northwest line in China, especially the world famous desert of Ningxia.
“The smoke above the chimneys go straight up against the solitary desert, the setting sun looms larger and rosier”, the poem impressed us deeply by describing  Ningxia as ” The Oasis in the Hinterland”, and what’s more , among all the desert scenic spots in Ningxia, Shapotou scenic spot in Zhongwei is top-ranking.  
It’s really enjoyable  to go camping at night under the starry sky on desert of Shapotou, cheer with two or three friends, Share the food  and the stories with your friends . Maybe this is the life you yearn for. The bonfire will let you relax and enjoy the vacation. The poem and the distance are right in front of you.
In Shapotou, you can enjoy the sunrise of the desert, the sunset of the Yellow River, and the most beautiful starry sky. Immersed in here, you can hear the faintly beautiful camel bells, telling the story of the ancient and tranquil frontier fortress. The Yellow River is running and the sands of desert are endless. Here, there are not only ancient sheepskin rafts, but also modern exciting Yellow River rope, and not only sand skaters full of modern speed, but also camel teams with great historical color. In Shapotou, time seems to be static, with only constant scenery. It silently records the tourists who have come and gone for thousands of years, like an indelible postcard, recording the stories that only belong to Ningxia.


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