KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3  — Malaysia’s monthly export and import unit value indices for September 2021 recorded positive growths of 1.4 per cent and 0.6 per cent, respectively, the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) said.

Chief statistician Datuk Seri Mohd Uzir Mahidin said the export unit value index increased 1.4 per cent in October 2021 compared with the previous month, contributed by increases in the index of mineral fuels (+6.2 per cent), animal and vegetable oils and fats (+3.3 per cent) and chemicals (+0.9 per cent).

He said the export volume index rose 1.8 per cent in the same month, reflected by increases in index of manufactured goods (+8.1 per cent), chemicals (+7.1 per cent) and machinery and transport equipment (+4.1 per cent).

“The seasonally adjusted export volume index fell 8.0 per cent from 165.9 points to 152.6 points. On annual comparison, both export unit value and volume index grew 16.4 per cent and 7.8 per cent, respectively,” he noted.

As for the imports unit value index, he said the growth of 0.6 per cent in October 2021 compared with the previous month was attributed to increases in the index of mineral fuels (+4.7 per cent), manufactured goods (+0.04 per cent) and machinery and transport equipment (+0.03 per cent).

On the other hand, he said the import volume index increased 3.6 per cent in October 2021 compared with the preceding month, contributed by increases in the index of mineral fuels (+8.2 per cent), machinery and transport equipment (+4.6 per cent) and manufactured goods (+3.7 per cent).

“The seasonally adjusted import volume index in October 2021 dropped 0.8 per cent from 160.9 points to 159.6 points.

“On a year-on-year basis, both the import unit value and volume indices expanded 7.5 per cent and 19.2 per cent, respectively,” he shared.

The DOSM also reported that Malaysia’s terms of trade increased by 0.8 per cent month-on-month to 106.7 points in October 2021.

Malaysia’s terms of trade performance remained positive at 8.3 per cent compared with 98.5 points in October of the previous year, it added.


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