KOTA BHARU, Feb 1 — Kelantan police issued 222 summonses for various offences in a special operation in conjunction with Chinese New Year carried out in various locations in the state last night. 

Kelantan Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department chief Supt Shuhaimi Jusoh said the most offences committed in ‘Op Selamat 17’ were for number plates (77 summonses), driving licenses (51) as well as expired road tax and insurance (57).

“In Op Selamat 17, a total of 327 vehicles were checked and this included 184 cars, multipurpose vehicles (MPVs) (18), four-wheel drives (45), motorcycles (59), vans (13) and lorries (eight). Police also inspected 357 individuals comprising  267 men and 90 women,” he told reporters here last night. 

Shuhaimi said the operation was particularly aimed at motorcyclists, especially “Mat Rempit” (illegal racers) due to the recent increase in accidents involving motorcycles.

Commenting on the increase in vehicles entering the state, Shuhaimi said so far the number was still under control as the Chinese New Year celebrations had just begun.

“Some 700,000 vehicles are expected to enter Kelantan but this number is still controllable and surely there will be an increase in the next few days.

“No matter how many vehicles enter Kelantan, we will still control the situation to ensure smooth traffic flow. Regular monitoring is being done at all entrances to Kelantan such as in Gua Musang, Jeli and Pasir Puteh,” he added.


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