KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 13 — Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa today told radio station broadcasters and operators to be more creative in delivering their service as the communication medium has a big role in the country’s development.

He said the radio stations should also always maintain the journalistic professionalism to ensure the service remained relevant and viable.

“We want to see the creativity of broadcasters, on how to mix news material with music, as well as basic knowledge, such as on religion.

“It’s my hope that the creativity of broadcasters, radio station operators, activists and lovers of communication through radio to jointly make the radio services in Malaysia the best and of  highest quality,” he said when launching the World Radio Day celebration virtually in the Selamat Pagi Malaysia programme which was broadcast on TV1 today.

The World Radio Day is celebrated on Feb 13 every year.

This year’s celebration, themed ‘Radio and Confidence’, focusing on three sub-themes, namely trust in radio journalism; trust and accessibility and trust and viability of radio stations.

Based on the sub-themes, Annuar said the radio service must ensure that the broadcast content is accurate, fast, effective and able gain high level of confidence among the community.

In terms of accessibility, he said radio should remain an important communication medium because it has a wider and more effective level of accessibility,.

Besides, radio also competes with other methods of news dissemination that should be viable  and can be operated at all times, he added.

 Although technology is currently undergoing changes, he said, radio still remained sustainable because apart from vision,  touch and feel, the auditory senses have a very important role as a medium of communication.

The World Radio Day celebration was first organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 2012 to recognise the contribution and role of radio.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Bernama Radio in conjunction with the World Radio Day celebration, Annuar said broadcasters and radio station operators need to highlight quality content to achieve the same standard as other information dissemination mediums.

“Quality content and knowledge are still the most important thing (in radio broadcasting), apart from the aspect of creativity in delivery… quality content will only come from broadcasters who have extensive knowledge.

“The public now has a high level of knowledge and if the broadcast content does not reach the level desired by the listeners, then we will be left behind,” he added.

He said the idea of ​​segmentation of radio stations could also be implemented to meet the needs of listeners, for example, radio broadcasts that focus on religious education, digital economy and creative industries, as well as specific radio broadcasts based on demography.

Annuar expressed his appreciation to  broadcasters, radio station operators and all staff who serve at radio stations nationwide in conjunction with today’s World Radio Day celebration.


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