PUTRAJAYA, March 17 — A total of 313,014 applications from employers in several sectors to hire foreign workers have been received and being processed in stages, says Human Resource Minister, Datuk Seri M. Saravanan.

This number of applications received since last Feb 15 until yesterday (March 16), involves the manufacturing sector (193,346), services (48,119), plantations (36,950), construction (27,331), agriculture (7,248), and mining and quarrying (20).

In a statement today, Saravanan said while approval for the applications had started, there were also employers who attended the interviews failing in their applications due to incomplete documents like not submitting the workers’ Employees Provident Fund statements.

In reminding employers to submit complete applications to avoid such a failure, he said the employers could also use the services of the private employment agencies registered with the Manpower Department under the Private Employment Agencies Act 1981.

Saravanan said that to date, 501 such employment agencies licensed under the C category could provide the service in applying to hire foreign workers.

“Any private employment agency found to have abused the system or committed wrongdoings in the applications to hire foreign workers can be reported to the Manpower Department at 03-8886 5192,” he added.

The Cabinet at its meeting last Dec 10, agreed on the hiring of foreign workers for the permitted sectors.


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