KUALA LUMPUR, March 17 — The Ministry of Education (MOE) today announced several improvements on the implementation of sports and co-curricular activities under the School Management and Operation Guidelines 3.0.

The MOE said in a statement tonight that that the guidelines were issued following the decision to allow physical sports and co-curricular activities outside classrooms involving individuals or groups in school compounds from Monday (March 21).

“On this matter, the teachers, coaches and instructors involved in the physical sports and co-curricular activities with students must be fully vaccinated,” the statement said. 

The MOE also allows sports activities and tournaments to be held within the school compound but only teachers, coaches and students from the school involved will be allowed to participate.

The implementation of sports and co-curricular activities within the school compound that involve external parties would need the approval of the MOE and the ministry has the right to cancel any events if the organisers do not follow the rules.

“The MOE would like to emphasise that all physical sports and co-curricular activities within the school compound must adhere to the guidelines of the Annex for the Implementation of Sports and Co-curricular Activities and standard operating procedures (SOP) set by the Health Ministry and National Security Council,” the statement added.

The guidelines also apply to all private institutions registered under the MOE for the schools and centres categories and the ministry also urged institutions not registered under the MOE to adhere to the same SOP.

The Annex can be accessed at https://www.moe.gov.my/muat-turun/kenyataan-media/km2022/5084annex-sukan-kokurikulum-bersemuka-kpm/file.


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