MOSCOW, March 20 — Australia will be issuing temporary visas to Ukrainian refugees, allowing them to work in the country for three years, Sputnik quoted the Australian government.

“To help Ukrainians forced to flee from Russia’s military invasion, we will also make available a temporary humanitarian visa to Ukrainians who have arrived in Australia,” the Australian government said in a statement, released by the foreign ministry on Sunday, adding that the visa “will be valid for three years and allow people to work, study and access Medicare.”

According to the Australian government, the country has already issued nearly 4,500 visas to Ukrainians since the start of Russia’s military operation.

“Over 600 Ukrainians with these visas have arrived and more are coming every day,” the Australian government said, adding that it will continue to work with the Ukrainian-Australian community to ensure those arriving from Ukraine will be provided support throughout their stay in Australia.

The Australian government has provided local community groups with a US$334,000 grant to help assist Ukrainian refugees.


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