KUALA LUMPUR, May 4 — For Muslims in this country, Aidilfitri this time round has reached a new high of excitement as they could travel back to their hometowns to spend the festive season with their loved ones.

After two years of celebrating Aidilfitri under COVID-19 restrictions, they can now visit relatives’ houses, go shopping for new clothes and do so much more.

Unfortunately, for two orphans, this year’s Aidilfitri might not be as excitable and joyful. They are forced to take on responsibilities which otherwise would have been taken care of when their parents were around.

For Nur Adriana Aleeya, 17, from Perak, who lost both of her parents, Zulkifli Mohd Yusof and Nor Azira Mohamed in September last year (aged 38 and 40 respectively at that time) said, hari raya this year means something different to her and her two siblings, Muhammad Zafrul Aiman, 12, and Muhammad Umar Mikail, eight.

Nur Adriana Aleeya said as they are still emotionally dealing with their parents’ untimely passing due to severe COVID-19 complications, it has taught her to appreciate life more and love whoever still alive by her side.

“The pandemic had cost my parents their life and it is my responsibility to look after my younger siblings. I’m very grateful that our grandmother and relatives are more than willing to fend for all three of us temporarily so that we are able to continue our studies.

“Indeed, it does feel different since this was the first hari raya without our parents, but Insya-Allah, we will gather our strength to get through these trying times,” said the Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Gerik student.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student Amirul Rashidi Musa from Negeri Sembilan who is also working as a food delivery rider said his sadness resurfaced upon hearing the official announcement of this year’s Aidilfitri.

“I was just about to break my fast at a restaurant in Shah Alam when I heard the chanting of the takbir Raya and people cheering ‘esok raya’ (tomorrow is raya). At that time I had tears streaming down my face.

“I accept this fate with an open heart,” said Amirul, who lost both of his parents in December last year.

On Raya preparations, Amirul said he kept everything simple for him and his younger brother, Izzat Rashidi, 20, due to his busy schedule and the unexpected hari raya announcement.

“Alhamdulilah, my brother and I managed to buy baju Melayu and we celebrated this year’s Aidilfitri with our aunt,” he said.


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