JASIN, May 26 — The Melaka government has proposed to the Health Ministry to make health screening compulsory at the country’s entry gates especially for visitors from countries with cases of monkeypox.

State Heath and Anti-Drug Committee chairman Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh said the move is to prevent the spread of the virus from entering Malaysia by screening body temperature for fever, as well as physical examination of the skin and so on.

We do not want to prevent tourists from countries with cases of monkeypox, however, checks need to be more stringent so that the monkeypox virus does not enter the country.

“This disease can be seen with the naked eye, therefore, if there are symptoms then the tourists involved need to be isolated and examined by a doctor at the (country’s) checkpoint,” he told reporters at the Merlimau Open Muay Thai Championship in Lipat Kajang here today.

Dr Muhamad Akmal also advised the public to stop spreading fake news regarding the monkeypox virus on social media to avoid creating panic in the community.

At the same time, Dr Muhamad Akmal said the hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) cases in Melaka for the 21st epidemiological week (ME21) dropped to 400 cases compared to 600 cases in the previous  week.

He said 96.3 per cent of children diagnosed with HFMD in the state are being given outpatient treatment, and the authorities predict the case numbers will show a decreasing trend next week.


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