SIK, June 28 — A total of 94 houses in three villages in Mukim Sik and six villages in Mukim Sok , sll in the Sik district, were affected by floods following continuous heavy rain since 1 am today.

However, according to the Malaysian Civil Defence (APM) officer in Sik, Lieutenant (PA) Haisul Aishah Mohd Napiah said however, no flood relief centres has been opened as the victims sought shelter at the homes of relatives and friends.

The affected villages in Mukim Sok are Kampung Lentang, Kampung Kuala Betong, Kampung Belantik Dalam, Kampung Surau, Kampung Pinang and Kampung Landai, while in Mukim Sik , the villages are Kampung Lubuk Tualang, Kampung Belimbing and Kampung Jerai, she said when comntacted by Bernama.

Haisul Aishah said the water started rising and entered into the homes of the villagers at  1.20 am.

As at press time, she said, the rain had stopped and the flood water in some areas had receded.

Meanwhile, Kedah APM head of disaster operation Capt  (PA) Saifuddin Abdullah said flood also hit some areas in the Baling and Padang Terap districts.

The floods affected 42 houses in three villages on Baling, namely Kampung Rambong Batu 7, Kampung Charok Juan and Kampung Bendang Sera, while in Mukim Siong , the affected areas are Lorong Jenalik, Lorong Tanjung Ara, Lorong Kampung Paya, Lorong Kundur, Lorong Atas Bukit and Lorong Charok Pam.

In Padang Terap, seven houses were affected and they were in Ladang Sungai Tekai, Mukim Naka..

However, no flood relief centre has been opened yet to accommodate the victims.


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