KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11 — The Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) today refuted all allegations made by Bernama TV broadcast journalist (BJ) Sydney Yap Xi Ni about the national news agency.

Bernama chief executive officer Roslan Ariffin said all the allegations made by the contract BJ were baseless.

Yap, who has been working at Bernama TV Mandarin News Production Desk since September 2019, in a posting on her personal Facebook page, claimed that Bernama TV had cut her salary and allowance and was late in recruiting new staff to replace those who had quit to further study or work at other television stations.

Roslan explained that, prior to this, Bernama TV Mandarin news was produced by a private company, with Yap as one of its staff.

“In 2019, Bernama TV took over the operation of Mandarin news production from the company and all of its staff, including Yap, were offered to join Bernama TV with the same emoluments,” he said.

Yap also received the annual salary increment and allowance as a newsreader.

“Until today, there was no complaint relating to salary or ill-treatment made by any former or existing staff of the Mandarin News Production Desk,” he said.

Roslan also stressed that Bernama has never issued any press statement on the alleged intention to take legal action against Yap.


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