ANKARA, Aug 12 — The United States-based multinational fast food chain company McDonald’s announced on Thursday that it is planning to reopen some restaurants in Ukraine, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

“We’ve spoken extensively to our employees who have expressed a strong desire to return to work and see our restaurants in Ukraine reopen, where it is safe and responsible to do so,” Senior Vice President Paul Pomroy said in a statement.

“After extensive consultation and discussion with Ukrainian officials, suppliers, and security specialists, and in consideration of our employees’ request to return to work, we have decided to institute a phased plan to reopen some restaurants in Kyiv and western Ukraine, where other businesses have safely reopened,” he added.

Pomroy said the company would start working with suppliers to get products to restaurants over the next few months, make physical properties ready to serve customers, bring restaurant teams and employees back on site, and implement enhanced procedures and protocols to support customer safety.

McDonald’s paused its restaurant operations in Ukraine on Feb 24 due to Russia’s war on the country.


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