PUTRAJAYA, Sept 15 — The Ministry of Education (MOE) will seek further information from the Election Commission (EC) regarding an allegation that teachers were called to attend an election briefing session during school hours.

Senior Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin said the real duty of teachers during school hours is to be in their respective schools.

“I think the EC understands enough about teachers’ duties and responsibilities. It’s just that in this case, I want to check what the context is.

“We always work closely with the EC to ensure that we support the work of the EC but at the same time the real tasks of the teachers are in schools,” he told reporters after launching the sepak takraw strengthening programme here today.

A news portal reported a complaint from a representative of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of a school in Kajang who claimed that the EC ‘forced’ teachers to attend a general election briefing session during school hours which caused most teachers to be unable to teach.

“If it is necessary to give a briefing to the teachers, then we will detail the time for them to attend the session, this is to ensure that the real work at the school is uninterrupted,” Radzi said that the MOE will always work with the EC to find a middle ground regarding the matter.

On the sepak takraw strengthening programme, Radzi said as many as 1,200 students from 150 primary schools nationwide will participate in the talent search programme for the first phase of its implementation.

He said the implementation of the programme is to identify the talents of students under the age of 12 who have the potential to be highlighted and then placed in MOE’s sports excellence centres which are the district training centres, states’ sports schools and national sports schools.

The programme, which started today and is expected to end on Nov 13, also involves 10 mentor coaches among teachers who are also former sepak takraw players who will visit schools.

Radzi said the student’s talent search process will be guided by the sepak takraw sports skills test module which consists of anthropometric, fitness, basic skills and specific skills tests.

He said that in general, the MOE does not put a limit on the number of students who will be selected, but it will depend on the vacancies available at the training facility.


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