PERMAISURI, Oct 16 — A short circuit was identified as the cause of the fire which destroyed a row of shophouses in Kampung Cina, Kuala Terengganu last September.

Terengganu Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department director Md Hilman Abd Rashid said investigation revealed that the short circuit was caused by old electrical wiring which triggered the fire, resulting in losses amounting to almost RM2 million.

“Some of the premises are rented and some are owned, the total loss is RM2 million, while the value of the property that we managed to salvage amounted to RM1.2 million,” he said when met after the presentation of the Sultan Mizan Cup at the Terengganu International Endurance Park (TIEP) here, today.

The fire which broke out at about 8.15 pm last Sept 18 destroyed 12 shophouses, including a clothes shop, restaurant and jewellery shop.

Following the incident, he said, the department would conduct briefings through ‘townhall’ meetings to the residents of Kuala Terengganu to explain the importance of having new wiring, especially in densely populated areas, to avoid unwanted incidents.

According to him, the JBPM does not have the authority to conduct inspections related to wiring issues in private premises, therefore the public needs to have their own awareness to ensure safety aspects in their respective premises.


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