CANBERRA, Nov 4 — Australia has reported an increase in its weekly number of coronavirus cases.

In its weekly update of COVID-19 data, the Department of Health on Friday reported there were an average of 5,300 new cases recorded every day nationally over the last week, reported Xinhua.

It represents an increase from 4,891 cases per day on average in the previous week ending on Oct 28.

“Over the last week, 37,097 cases of COVID-19 were reported across Australia,” the department said in a statement.

In New South Wales and Victoria, Australia’s two most populous states accounting for more than half the population, the average daily cases increased by more than 20 per cent.

The new data comes as authorities warn Australia is facing another wave of COVID infections within weeks.

Kerry Chant, chief health officer of New South Wales, said on Thursday that Omicron sub-variants BQ.1 and XBB could soon surpass BA.5 as the dominant variant in Australia.

“By looking at all the local information we have, and what’s happening overseas, we believe COVID cases will rise in the coming weeks,” she said.

Chant asked people to know the importance of the vaccine boosters.

“Make sure you’re up to date with your vaccinations. This is your best protection, including against the latest variants.”


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