PUTRAJAYA, Dec 6 — The total Bumiputera population this year is estimated at 21.13 million persons with a growth rate of 1.1 per cent as compared to 20.9 million persons last year, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM).

In a statement today, DOSM said that the male population outnumbered the female with 10.69 million and 10.44 million while the gender ratio for the overall population was 102 males for every 100 females.

“In terms of demographic statistics, the number of live births for Bumiputera in 2021 was 357,140 with the life expectancy at birth being 70.5 years for males and 74.7 years for females. Meanwhile, the total fertility rate for a Bumiputera female decreased to 2.1 in 2021 from 2.2 in 2020,” the department said.

The Bumiputera Statistics 2022 was issued for the first time today, which also displays selected Bumiputera statistics in the social and economic area at the national and state levels from 2017 to 2022.

According to DOSM, the number of deaths for Bumiputera recorded in 2021 was 138,868, with three medically confirmed main causes being COVID-19 infection (17,654 deaths), Ischemic Heart Diseases (13,563 deaths), and Pneumonia (10,914 deaths).

On the labour force, a total of 9.26 million labour force in 2021 were Bumiputera which comprised 5.58 million males and 3.68 million females.

“In 2021, based on educational attainment, the share of Bumiputera labour force having educational attainment at secondary and below was at 64.8 per cent, while 35.2 per cent of Bumiputera labour force attained tertiary education as compared to 34.7 per cent in 2020.

On the other hand, according to the department, the unemployment rate among Bumiputera was 5 per cent in 2021 as compared to 4.5 per cent, in the previous year.

In terms of graduate statistics, DOSM said the number of Bumiputera graduates registered in 2021 was 3.63 million persons with 1.63 million of them being males and 2 million females.

For property transfer in 2021, the department said a total of 106,276 transactions with a value of RM30.83 billion were recorded for residential property and 2,834 transactions with a transfer value of RM1.45 billion were registered for commercial property.

Meanwhile, it said the number of Bumiputera registered at the General Welfare Institution under the Social Welfare Department in 2021 increased to 3,228 persons from 2,948 persons recorded in the previous year.

“Out of the total, 1,402 persons were in child care centres, 495 persons in Institutions for Disabled, and 1,051 persons were in institutions for elderly and destitute,” it said.


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