DUSSELDORF, Germany, Feb 14 – US car manufacturer Ford announced it was slashing 3,800 jobs in Europe, including 2,300 cuts in the German cities of Cologne and Aachen, plus another 1,300 in Britain. reported dpa.

The aim was to reduce costs, Ford said on Tuesday.

Most of the jobs in Germany are to be cut in the Cologne production department over the next three years, and administrative posts are also affected.

Currently, about 14,000 people work for Ford in Cologne and about 200 in the Aachen research centre.

The job cuts in Germany were first revealed at the start of the year, initially with a feared total of 3,200 losses.

Outside of Germany and Britain, 200 other jobs will be affected in Europe.

Ford is in a state of upheaval, with the firm relatively late in switching to electric vehicles.

The first purely electric Ford cars produced in Europe are to roll off the assembly line in Cologne this year, while the combustion engine model Fiesta will be discontinued.

Although Ford is investing billions of euros in Cologne for electric production, the plans that have now become known mean that the cathedral city is losing importance as a Ford development location.


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